The Doors

Session 1

Session 1 of the Doors


Dali’Kier formerly of the Salamanders ready for some action and glad to be free of the forges after a long 6 months of inaction went to the strategium to report for his new assignment under Inquisitor Nayl Cruz. Brother Librarian Tyriel formerly of the Dark Angels Ravenwing Company reported for duty and met Dali’Kier whilst reporting to the same assingment.

Due to leave at 0900 the battle brothers readied in the sparring arena and said their prayers in the chaplaincy before leaving for Arturo on a mission to intercept a specific Chaos Cruiser as yet unnammed. They were told to prepare for contact with the arch enemy specifically Night Lords warbands. The theatre is currently under the possesion of a specific battalion of gaurd raise on Arturo which defends the modest sector. They are under now constant threat of raids from Dark Eldar and Choas ships which seem to be working in concert to plunder the supplies coming from Arturo and the Astroid Mining Colonies around the sector



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